Warpaint Figures - Guide To Best Modular Jungle Terrain For Wargaming


Warpaint Figures - Guide To Best Modular Jungle Terrain For Wargaming

Warpaint Figures Hand Made Jungle Terrain

Vietnam, Burma in World War 2, South American Drug Wars and Predator with Arnie. They all have one thing in common.

Jungle...lots of hot steaming sweaty 'orrible claustrophobic jungle!

Of course you can add to that Warhammer 40,000 where of course you have the Catachan Jungle Fighters. But, you can also construct any jungle world as weird and hostile as you want with it. Then there is Lustria in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

So when it comes to wargaming jungle terrain certainly is up there. It's great as well for ambushes and hidden movement. Enemies appearing then disappearing in the blink of an eye.

A Modular Approach To Wargaming Jungle Terrain

So we have designed our Warpaint Figures wargaming jungle terrain to help you get something flexible and great looking. No matter what your scale from 15mm to 28mm jungle games we have got your jungle terrain covered. We make some of the best and best value wargaming jungle terrain available and we are proud of that.

Warpaint Figures jungle terrain has a modular build element. You decide how thick and dense you want your wargames jungle. After all there will be a difference between Malaya and Africa in your games. Warhammer 40K jungle terrain is anything you need it to be.

So how do your make your gaming table look the part without emptying your wallet?.
Our jungle terrain is based on 5 main items:

1. Sets of Smaller Starter Jungle Scenery

2. Medium Sized Individual Jungle Scenery Islands
3. Large impressive Individual Jungle Islands
4. Jungle Scatter Terrain Sets
5. Individual Focus Pieces

So Which Of Our Jungle Terrain Options Suits You?

1. Sets of Smaller Starter Jungle Scenery

You get 5 small islands packed with a variety of foliage. Generally around c.4-8cm long and c.3-6cm wide.

Each piece has sloped edges and fully textured bases to represent the rotting leaf litter. 

Sealed at least 3 times during the process they are hard wearing and durable. Lets be fair wargaming scenery and terrain gets handled a lot. Some club members always seem to have butter fingers as well (I hide my head in shame here!)

There is plenty of room to easily stand your miniatures on as well.

You can use these sets to create your first jungle area. I reckon you can probably cover around a 30 x 30cm square area or gaming board. It all depends how dense you want your jungle terrain to be.

Then fill our the space with the Medium and Large Pieces as well as the Scatter sets. Maybe add a focus piece later.

Easy way to start your jungle gaming areas

2. Medium Sized Individual Jungle Scenery Islands

Generally in the region of c.6-10cm long and c.4-8cm wide. These allow you to expand your jungle scenary at your leisure and as you can afford it.

Plus this is your first taste of our hand made jungle terrain with trees. Only a couple at most on these terrain pieces but it adds that element of height you need.

All our Medium and Large pieces are made individually and each piece of jungle terrain is unique. The foliage may change from our images. But they always are compatible.

You get a consistent theme and feel to your wargaming scenery you need. Or it will just look weird.

3. Large impressive Individual Jungle Islands

Time to go BIG!

Large jungle terrain islands c. 25cm x 15cm.

Sloping edges and groups of trees (3-6 on average). Fully textured bases with additional undergrowth

This will really expand your wargaming area and look. So its perfect for WW2 wargaming with the likes of Bolt Action, Chain of Command and Ambush Alley.

Again all our pieces are hand made, fully sealed and beautifully textured to enhance your games and know you have spent money wisely

4. Jungle Scatter Terrain Sets

Now sometimes when you are setting our your gaming table you have those infamous gaps. You know the ones you can't think of what to put there.

Not big enough for another Jungle base. but big enough to look sort of obvious. It's like leaving the house without your trousers! (No I haven't done that.....yet....honest!)

So to help you we have our Jungle Scatter Terrain Sets.

8 small bases of jungle foliage. 1 x large (c.40-50mm), 2 x medium (c.30mm) and 5 x small ones (c.20mm)

Highly movable and just the thing to represent lighter vegetation and fill those gaps.

5. Individual Jungle Scenery Pieces

Now this is where I get to have fun! From the depths of my imagination and creativity (You don't want to go there :) )

When you need that certain something as a focal piece of scenery for your WW2 Burma campaign or an objective or relic for that Warhammer 40,000 assault for your Space Marines.

These pieces vary in size but can be blocking terrain for Bolt Action for example or be the remnant of a ruined temple (Using our ruined columns), fallen statue or village.

They might be fantasy WFB/AOS/KOW based, Sci-Fi for 40K or more historical like your Cambodian temples.

Each piece we list is unique and the exact one you will get. I make them all. Have a look below or click here to see what's in store at the moment.

If you need a custom piece of jungle terrain then Contact Me