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Use our top-selling grass tufts to make your painted miniatures look special.

2mm, 4mm and 6mm tufts in standard and random shapes and more colours that you can shake a stick at.

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Do you wish it was easier to get great looking painted miniatures and wargames armies?

Well that’s the battle isn’t it. Getting great looking figures to game with and quickly. I have been there as a wargamer for over 20 years.

That’s why we produced the Warpaint Figures basing and static grass tufts ranges. A simple system to get a pro-painted look on your painted figures without the hassle.

• Easy to use

• Great value for your pocket

• Quality you can rely on

• Innovative design and thinking to keep adding new useful products

Look At How You Can Use Our Products

It’s simple. Even if you are not proud of your painting or you are a fabulous painter, a simple painted green base or just flocked doesn’t cut it.

I see even black undercoated bases at shows. It doesn’t have to be like that.A great base can improve any miniature or army bases 100%! They will look great on the table and it will tie an army together.

From basic fine sand, through texturing with gravel, slate pieces for mounting and self-adhesive static grass tufts to finish off our basing system is easy to use time after time

Basing Bags

From the parched, rocky Hindu Kush to the North Africa in WW2 and back to the killing fields of Napoleonic Europe.

Our basing bags allow you to create the perfect bases for your painted miniatures. Historical, Bolt Action, Warhammer 40K, AOS we have got them all covered. Mix and match as you want and save money by buying multiple bags.

Basing Kits

As a wargamer myself I know what it takes to get those figures based up.

But we don't just have one army do we? So I thought that I would put together some great Basing Kits

You can base your painted wargames miniatures like a pro whatever they are and whatever the setting - Europe, the Americas, desert, Eastern Empires, ...

Our WPF Basing Kits give you 3 bags of basing material to get your painted figures looking hot. Dropping through your letter box will be a mixed kit to suit your needs. 

So grab a Starter Basing Kit to get started and give you a great general effect.  Or one of our Grit Basing kits for something a little different and rockier. 

For all you skirmish gamers, Warhammer 40k gamers, WFB and AOS gamers their is our always popular Slate Basing Kit.  Something for everyone.

Save 10% by buying your Basing Bags in one of our Kits.

Slate Basing Kits
Starter Basing Kits
Grit Basing Kit #1
Grit Basing Kit #2

Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts

We have been making and selling our self-adhesive grass tufts for wargames miniatures bases for over 8 years now.  120 quality full grass tufts in every resealable packet. Standard and random tufts and in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm lengths.  Grab a look at our range .

  • 120 Full tufts per packet
  • Re-sealable blister pack
  • Stackable blisters
  • Easy to peel and use
  • Multiple colours for every situation


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