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4mm Rocky Textured Static Grass Tufts

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Taking our popular 4mm self adhesive static grass tufts, we now produce these textured tufts. We have added a rocky or broken ground element to each tufts to provide more interest and variety on your bases for your wargaming miniatures and armies. Suitable for pretty much any terrain. Available in the same colours as our standard 4mm self adhesive static grass tufts and being added to more and more. Each sheet has our usual great value 120 tufts

Colour representation is best as we can get in photographs.
Colours can vary in shade depending on supplies from photographs

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Why Chose Warpaint Figure Grass Tufts?

The Choice Of Commission Painters

These wargames commission painters chose and trust Warpaint Figures grass tufts and basing materials for their businesses

Little Ninja Painting

Cornish Mikey Painting

J & J Painting

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