Warpaint Figures - Buy 3d Printed 10mm Fantasy Dwarfs For Warmaster


10mm Dwarfs

They maybe be short on legs and long on beards but a Dwarf Warmaster army is a tough old combination of steel and grit.

These Forest Dragon 3D printed 10mm Fantasy miniatures will let you build a Warmaster proxy army at a fraction of the price of GW metal Warmaster miniatures.

The sculpts are beautiful and here at Warpaint Figures I only use Amera TGM-7 resin to print miniatures. It is the best resin by miles combining perfect qualities of strength and flexibility as well as holding detail fantastically.

Of course you can buy the strips and use any rules such as Sword & Spear.

Pick your units and build your Warmaster army. To keep up with new miniatures and ranges, as well as exclusive offers and news join our newsletter and get 10% off your first order (T & C apply)

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