Quality Area Terrain For Wargamers & Gamers - Warpaint Figures



This is how to get the simplest and quickest terrain set up for your wargaming table. instead of pieces of felt use our hand crafted Area Terrain pieces.

Perfect for all sorts of systems from Bolt Action, Warhammer 40K, Sharp Practice and more to defined competition and similar games such as DBA, DBM, DBR, Impetus, Sword and Spear and MEG (Mortum Et Glorium)

Each piece is individually made to a high standard. Sealed three times in the process and a tough hard wearing piece of terrain.

hand crafted beautiful quality wargaming and tabletop gaming terrain from Warpaint Figures

Large, Medium or small in a variety of finishes from verdant Spring to dry and parched arid desert and other areas such as for Colonial games. We also do rocky pieces for those difficult areas. We carry a  limited stock and most pieces are made to order so you get a unique piece of terrain. Combine it with other terrain like trees for a superb gaming board in a flash.

Also check out our large round pieces which are great for terrain, objectives or just decoration.