2mm Static Grass Tufts

2mm Self adhesive static grass tufts are a popular size and range of grass tufts we do here at Warpaint Figures. We make them all ourselves.  Unlike a lot of makers we tell you how many you are getting for your money. 120 tufts about 2-3mm across on our 'Standard' range.

They come in a great range of colours and types to suit any of your wargaming miniatures or terrain pieces.  From the classic round tufts to rocky tufts, flowers and random tufts for the more eclectic amoung you.  Used creatively they can transform any miniatures and really make them pop.

Typically 2mm grass tufts are recommended for 6mm and 15mm and above wargames figures, To represent longer grass or wheatfield for such things as the American Civil War (ACW) then go to our 4mm grass tufts or 6mm grass tufts

Great for all systems including Spearpoint, Saga, Flames of War, In Her Majesty's Name, Chain Of Command, Hail Caesar, Black Poweder, Glory Hellelujah and many more.  Look great with top figure makers like Perry Miniatures, Warlord Games, Front Rank, etc.