About Warpaint Figures

About Warpaint Figures

Warhammer Fantasy Painted Doombull by Warpaint FiguresNow this is always a tricky bit.  I know you like to know a bit more about Warpaint Figures and who we are but I don't want to give you the usual Corporate lecture.

Well Warpaint Figures is me, Stewart Faulkner. One man band (With moral support from my lovely wife and children). I am a bit like you. A keen historian, wargamer, parent, and clumsy guy some times.  It comes with the 6ft plus height.

I have been gaming for goodness me, about 30 years now.  See now I feel old. I am from Worcester originally so 'The Friend Of General Haig' was my first metal figure experience post role playing. Great bunch of blokes, very welcoming.  You might see them at some of the Warlord Games display.

Of course I am down in Wales now and long time member of Penarth & District Wargames society.  If you get the chance don't forget to come along to our Crusade show every Jan/Feb. 

I started out like I said role playing AD & D, MERP, etc.  Now a full fledged miniature junkie myPainted 28mm Westwind Arthurian Monk by Warpaint Figures tastes run from fantasy through all types of historical including Napoleonic (Currently painting the sexy Murawski Miniatures DOW), to Dark Ages (Saga Vikings), Ancients (Republican Romans - Love them) and 28mm and 6mm World War Two.

It was when I was painting some figures that I began to think about how expensive most basing materials were.  Thats what started everything off with my Basing Bags and Kits. This graduated with stripping and selling classic miniatures from Games Workshop/Citadel and finally to self adhesive static grass tufts and other scenery items you see today.

I like to think I am very approachable so remember any questions please get hold of me via the 'Contact' page.  Personal service is where I am at and this is why every purchase you make is covered by a 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

I am confident you will love my stuff and as a veteran Ebay seller of approximately 10 years with 100% positive feedback you know you are getting a trustworthy experience.