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Who The Heck Are You?

Well Warpaint Figures is me, Stewart Faulkner. One man band (With moral support from my lovely wife and children). I am a bit like you. A keen historian, wargamer and parent. I am the mug with the blue circle to the right.

I started out like I said role playing AD & D, MERP, etc. Now a full fledged miniature junkie my tastes run from fantasy through all types of historical including Napoleonic (Currently painting the wonderful Murawski Miniatures DOW), to Dark Ages (Saga Vikings), Ancients (Republican Romans - Love them) and 28mm, 15mm and 6mm World War TwoFrom Warhammer systems like 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battle to historical periods such as WW2, Napoleonic and American Civil War I have played most of them. I am also a painter and terrain builder for myself and club.

I am from Worcester originally so 'The Friends Of General Haig' was my first metal figure experience post role playing. Great bunch of blokes, very welcoming. You might see them at some of the Warlord Games display.Of course I am down in Wales now and long time member of Penarth & District Wargames society. If you get the chance don't forget to come along to our Crusade show every Jan/Feb. .It was when I was painting some figures that I began to think about how expensive most basing materials were. Thats what started everything off with my Basing Bags and Kits. This graduated with stripping and selling classic miniatures from Games Workshop/Citadel and finally to self adhesive static grass tufts and other scenery items you see today.

I like to think I am very approachable so remember any questions please get hold of me via the 'Contact' page. Personal service is where I am at and I am always very approachableI am confident you will love my stuff.

15mm Antietam Ian Gray Memorial Game

15mm ACW Stones River Game

2mm 4mm & 6mm Four Seasons Static Grass Tufts
Starter Basing Kits

So What Does Warpaint Figures Do?

I set upWarpaint Figures about 8 years ago on Ebay at first selling stripped down classic and OOP Games Workshop Miniatures. I am an avid wargamer and have beenfor over 20 years. So I know a bit about what wargamers and gamerslike.

I began to see that a lot of the other products were overpriced and over hyped from major shops and game makers (You know the one!).

So I decided we, as a hobby, needed a simple, quality and affordable solution to all our miniature needs and problems:

The WPF Basing Range and kits was born.  Since then I have expanded to produce what I think are some of the best self adhesive grass tufts on the market. Stickier and more durable than most.

We are still the only company to offer you the4 Seasons Grass Tuft Packs as a great way to test what you need

Of course I still source and sell the original passion of mine of classic out of production Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures. Join the Collectors Club to get access to the best source of genuine classic miniatures

But now I produce hand made terrain products as well as expanding soon into resin scatter and defensive items

Classic, bargain and OOP 40K Miniatures


Why ChooseWarpaint Figures

Our PromisesI believe in gamers getting a fair deal and pride myself on customer service one to one. So I have always set high bars.

- 30 day No Quibble Guarantee (Click here to see more)

- Quality and innovative products.

- Seller with 8 years positive reviews.  You can trust me to deliver

- Sourcing responsibly and avoiding counterfeits and re-prints.

- Free Shipping For UK Over £17.50

- Great Lifetime Discount deals for Commission Painters - CONTACT ME to get yours

- Exclusive Club Discounts. Use the Contact Page or give me a call

warpaint figures discounts on materials for wargaming clubs and commission figure painters

The WPF Collectors Club

I have been collecting stripping and selling rare and classic miniatures for over 10years. I pride myself on sourcing some of the best old 40K and Oldhammer figures.I never knowingly buy or sell forgeries, re-casts or counterfeits.

The Warpaint Figures Collectors Club gives you a chance to get exclusive access to rare and classic wargaming miniatures. As a member you will have early access to figures I have sourced and discount on these and in store.

Warhammer 40,000, 40K Rogue Trader, Marauder Miniatures, Warhammer Fantasy Battle figures, Adeptus Titanicus (The Original One), 40K Epic, Blood Bowl, Manowar and much more

You will have 14 days to look at new items available only to Club members before they are listed in the public shop.

So it's a great chance for all you Oldhammer and Rogue Trader collectors to get a chance to get your hands on beautiful sculpts by such greats as Bob Olley, Jervis Johnson, Mike McVey and Kev 'Goblinmaster' Adams to name a few.

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