3D Printed 10mm Chaos Despoilers Miniatures For Warmaster or KOW - Warpaint Figures


10mm Despoilers

The ultimate Warmaster proxies. Forest Dragon 10mm Despoilers let you collect an affordable and beautiful looking Chaos Army for playing Warmaster or other rules like Sword & Spear, Warband, Kings of War and others.
From such wonderful designs such as Heavy Infantry buzz saws, Light Infantry mainstays, hard pounding Knights and pesky harpies, come pounding into the Warpaint Figures store with a vengeance.
Your sorcerers, Chaos Spawn and Generals on choice of horse or armoured bull give you something rather special to field on your wargaming table.
10mm 3D printed miniatures, printed to the highest quality using Amera TGM-7 resin. Acknowledged as the best resin for wargaming and wargames miniatures. It captures detail superbly whilst being both strong and flexible.
No more dry brushing fears!
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These models are not toys. Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 14.
Miniatures come with supports attached which can be removed with small sharp clippers or hot water. Some may require assembly