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We Do Custom & Commission Terrain

We are proud of the quality of our Modular terrain systems and special statement pieces forjungle and desert.

But sometimes you want that special something that you always wanted.  It could be custom hills, a pirate base, a custom jungle set or maybe a Warhammer 40K industrial complex.

Well at Warpaint Figures we love helping you out and building commission terrain pieces for your wargaming tables. Anything from ridges for Napoleonic wargaming through modular boards, custom bases and more.

If you have something in mind drop Stewart a line through the Contact form and we can go from there


Custom Big Ridge Line

David approached us at Warfare with his imaginative idea for a mega flexible wargaming ridge.  From his initial description we worked together to try and meet the needs of his drawings.

Overcoming availability of materials, adjustments to make it practical and discussing swatches for colours. Even having a Zoom chat to make sure we understood his needs.

You can see the result.  A 10' long modular ridge with 2 x double level layers.  The possibilities for play are endless!

"I am very pleased and would be happy to recommend your work."

David (UK)

Custom Naval Terrain

Down at Penarth & District Wargames Society (My club) we play a fair amount of Napoleonic naval games.

Pete is the main organiser.  He enquired if I could make him some custom terrain.

That was it Stewart had total permission to go mad.

So he crafted up a headland, a series of islands and an area of rocks.

All unique, hand made and painted, complete with wave texture

Desert Bases For Hexon

I bumped into Simon at Warfare 2021. We got chatting about the Desert Starter Set & Scatter Set I had on show - a taster for later Modular Desert System release.

He loved it but needed the scatter bigger and irregular to fit in his Hexon terrain system. 

So we came up with the 'splats' as I named them. They were textured and sealed and sent to Simon as he wanted to paint them to suit his current stuff.

"The "splats" arrived today and I'm very happy with them.

Glad you enjoyed making them and a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks, Simon"

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