Warpaint Figures Quality Wargaming Jungle Terrain Small Sets - WW2 40K


Jungle Starter Terrain Set #1

Warpaint Figures

Here is a chance to own hand crafted jungle terrain set for your wargaming table.

This set will easily cover about 30cm x 30cm and can be stretched to about 45cm x 45cm.
It depends how dense you want your jungle to be.

5 pieces of hand crafted, textured and hard wearing jungle terrain


Great for Vietnam or Burma.  Sits well with 15mm, 20mm and some 28mm.  So Rapid Fire, Chain of Command and Bolt Action perfectly suit them.

All are hand made.  Vegetation, size, shape and finish may vary depending on terrain in stock

You get 5 no. of our small jungle islands.  Each is c. 8-10cm by c.4-6 cm


Each set is hand made and may differ in shape, size and form and vegetation to those shown. You still get convincing hand made set of great jungle wargaming terrain pieces

Miniatures not included. Miniatures shown are 20mm figures for scale purposes only.


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