Warpaint Figures - Hand Made Bamboo Jungle Scatter Set #1 - WW2 40K BA


Jungle Tall Bamboo Scatter Set #1

Warpaint Figures

Our new hand made Bamboo Jungle Scatter Set #1 for all wargamers and gamers

Made to the same exacting standards as all our jungle terrain. Our own bespoke texturing and finish to last on your gaming table.

Triple sealed:

  1. Our own custom soak;
  2. Clear Lacquer;
  3. Matt Lacquer.

This Bamboo Jungle stands tall at about 12-14cm.

  • 4 x 50mm bases of tall bamboo plants, treated and coloured for realism
  • Each base is weighted by a steel washer to make it lovely and stable - no wobbly terrain.
  • Great for Vietnam or Burma.  Sits well with 15mm, 20mm and some 28mm.  So Rapid Fire, Chain of Command and Bolt Action perfectly suit them.
  • Hand made with passion and care
  • fully textured and treated to game straight out of the box...no messing
  • Fills in and expands our Tall Bamboo Starter set

All are hand made.  Vegetation, size, shape and finish may vary depending on terrain in stock


Each set is hand made and may differ in shape, size and form and vegetation to those shown. You still get convincing hand made set of great jungle wargaming terrain pieces. Miniatures not included and shown for for scale purposes only.


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