Warpaint Figures - Hand Made Wargaming Medium Jungle Terrain Pieces


Medium Jungle Terrain Pieces

Warpaint Figures

Hand made medium jungle bases we are proud of. Medium size for fill in on a jungle wargames table.

Added option for trees (1-3 usually). Trees around 12cm in height on average

  • c. 6.5" x 5" (17 x 12cm) oval jungle terrain base
  • Finished with custom jungle floor texturing
  • Sealed for hard wear and gaming
  • Variety of undergrowth
  • Clearly defined heavy foliage area
  • Plenty of room for miniatures
  • Perfect for 15-28mm miniatures - Burma, Vietnam, South America, Warhammer 40,000 (Catachan Jungle)

Jungle terrain ready to go.

Combine with our Jungle Sets, Large Jungle Pieces & Scatter Terrain sets

(NOTE - Trees come detached to prevent damage during shipping. The holes will be pre-drilled and marked with a wooden stick. Trees will be provided treated and ready to stick in with super-glue or PVA)


All pieces individually made to general specifications above. May vary from images in overall shape and composition. But still fits the general features above.

Images for illustration of what we generally try to make

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