Warpaint Figures - Jungle Terrain For Wargaming- Large Pieces


Jungle Terrain - Individual Pieces

Besides our popular Jungle Terrain sets, we also make our individual scatter pieces. A great way to flesh out your wargaming table scenery.

  • Hand made quality pieces
  • Fully textured jungle leaf mould bases for realism
  • Get individual unique piece of gaming terrain
  • Variety of sizes, trees and make up to add real flavour to your wargames 

All made, painted and sealed and ready to game with straight away.

Ideal for scales from 15mm to 28mm. Warhammer, Catachan Jungle, Burma, Vietnam, South America and more.  Use them for games like 40K, War Cry, AOS, Kings of War, Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Flames of War and more