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How To Get The Best Modular Bamboo Jungle Terrain For Wargaming

Hand Made Modular Jungle Terrain for wargamers and gamers by Warpaint Figures

How To Get The Best Bamboo Jungle Terrain

Burma, Vietnam and many more. The image of a squad picking their way through a bamboo jungle is so very evocative. Think Ken Burns Vietnam documentary and 'Fortunate Son' playing in the background or 'Paint It Black'.

But a lot of wargamers misunderstand bamboo jungles. When they set it up on the wargames table it's full of other plants and undergrowth. This is a bit of a misnomer.

Bamboo Jungle Facts

  • Bamboo is a fascinating plant. We grow it, harvest it, use it to build and even eat it!
  • There are about 1200 varieties.
  • It's the fastest growing plant on earth.
  • Different species grow anything from 1" to 35"(nearly 1m!) a day
  • Bamboo stops growing after the first year, some after a few months. But can be up to 100ft+ by then.
  • It is actually a grass.
  • Their rhizome roots spread out for huge distance.


So, you can see bamboo is vigorous, competitive and with it's leaf cover, roots and growth rate, kills nearly all competition. 

Your bamboo jungle terrain should not have bushes and undergrowth, only a bit of grass. It mostly occurs within other jungle. So it makes a great idea to mix it up and provide a challenge on your gaming table

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Bamboo Jungle Terrain Essentials

We do our research at Warpaint Figures to bring you the most realistic terrain we can. Our Bamboo Jungle modular terrain reflects that.

Tightly packed stands with just grass on them besides the bamboo.

Easily placed inside our Jungle Terrain to create a more difficult gaming terrain to negotiate for your US Marines, British Burma Army or others depending on the theatre.

Grab a starter set to form a core bamboo oasis then some scatter stands to spread it out. Leave channels for movement or as sight blockers. Grab a medium piece for that denser area.

No matter on the rules you use - Chain Of Command, Bolt Action, Charlie Don't Surf or Rapid Fire our Bamboo Modular Jungle Terrain should serve you well.