Bundle Now - 2-6mm Four Seasons Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts - Warpaint Figures


The Complete Four Seasons Static Grass Tufts Bundle 2mm-6mm

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A great value bundle with our top selling and Flagship range of Four Seasons self adhesive static grass tufts for basing your wargaming miniatures, figures and armies.


1 x 2mm Four Seasons Static Grass Tufts
1 x 4mm Four Seasons Static Grass Tufts
1 x 6mm Four Seasons Static Grass Tufts

360 static grass tufts and 12.5% off RRP

Available in both Regular and Wild/Random tufts

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Why Chose Warpaint Figure Grass Tufts?

The Choice Of Commission Painters

These wargames commission painters chose and trust Warpaint Figures grass tufts and basing materials for their businesses

Little Ninja Painting

Cornish Mikey Painting

J & J Painting

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