Warpaint Figures - Naval Wargaming Terrain/Scenery Rocks Set #2


Naval Terrain Rocks Set #2

Warpaint Figures

Welcome to our second set of Naval Terrain Rocks. Fitting seamlessly into our other Naval Terrain Items

You get a set of 4 resin cast (Unpainted) rocks. Masters were hand crafted to get the best effect of crashing waves upon jagged rocks.

These are suitable for almost any system or scale. So whether you go big with 1/700th or small with 1/2400th they form a great feature for your wargames table.

Designed to fit in with the Warlord Games Black Seas and Armada system by Mantic Games

Of course you can use them for other systems such as Langton/Langton Fast Play, Fighting Sail and many more.

Supplied in unpainted cast resin

Slightly larger than our Set #1 dimensions:

Rock 1 c. 14cm x 6cm
Rock 2 c. 14cm x 6cm
Rock 3 c. 16cm x 4.5cm
Rock 4 c. 14cm x 6cm 


All Warpaint Figures resin products are cast by hand, using the latest techniques available. However, due to the nature of the casting process small/tiny air bubbles may have formed.

These are unavoidable and can easily be filled with a suitable material such as modelling filler, putty, or even super glue.

These Warpaint Figures products can be sanded, carved or drilled.

Resin dust is harmful. ALWAYS TAKE CARE

ALWAYS use appropriate protective and safety items such as gloves, goggles and face mask of the correct rating

Warpaint Figures resin bases and products are not toys. Not suitable for children under 14

This product is supplied UNPAINTED  in bare cast resin

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