Large Jungle Wargaming Modular Terrain Pieces 40K, FOW, Bolt Action - Warpaint Figures


Large Jungle Pieces (No Trees)

Warpaint Figures

If you need something simpler for you wargaming jungle terrain and scenery these are for you. The same as our other Large Pieces with Trees which you can get here....but no trees.

Triple sealed, textured and with great space for your WW2, Vietnam, 40K and other miniatures

  • c. 9" x 5.5" (25 x 15cm) oval jungle terrain base
  • Finished with custom jungle floor texturing
  • Sealed for hard wear and gaming
  • Complete with undergrowth foliage that fits in with the rest of our Jungle Modular Terrain Range
  • Individually made. (May vary from images)
  • Clearly defined heavy foliage area
  • Plenty of room for miniatures
  • Perfect for 15-28mm

Jungle terrain ready to go.

Combine with our Jungle Sets & Scatter Terrain sets for a complete jungle wargaming terrain set up.


Each piece is hand made.  Images are illustrative of general terrain features. Actual pieces may differ from images in amount of trees and foliage type.

Miniatures not included. Provided merely for scale illustration.

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