Warpaint Figures - Modular Jungle Terrain Defences - Medium - WW2, Vietnam, 40K


Jungle Defences - Medium

Warpaint Figures

The latest addition to our Modular Jungle Terrain range.

Plan those ambushes and operations with our 2 types of Medium Jungle Defences. Both great for 28mm and 20mm. So perfect for Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Crossfire, Force on Force etc. Of course they work just as well for systems such as Warhammer 40K and Horus Heresy.

All pieces made on 3mm MDF sheet contoured and textured in the same way as all of our jungle terrain. Matches perfectly.

Type 1:

Split into a main frontal firing area of 6cm (60mm), plus two smaller areas on the flanks. Log reinforcement on frontal area as a minimum

Type 2:

A full length trench type defence. Log reinforcement. The main firing area is a straight 12cm. 

Pictures show how you can use these defences as part of a full wargaming terrain system with our Modular jungle range.


Other terrain pieces used for illustration only and not included.
Any models or miniatures are not included.

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