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Desert Terrain Hill/Ridges Set #1

Warpaint Figures

A new addition to our Modular Desert/Arid Terrain is this great set of 5 hills/ridges.

A desert is not flat there are all sorts of rises and depression that as a wargamer we often forget. So to get a challenging and realistic miniature wargaming table the scenery needs to be flexible.

This set of 5 different shaped plain hills/ridges means you can do that. Uses the same shape and size bases as our Desert Starter Set #1.

If you game in 6mm (1/300th) they are full hills, perfect for hiding movement and providing cover for tanks and infantry alike.

If 15mm is your preferred wargaming scale. They are large rises providing perfect hull down positions. But if you prefer the larger 28mmplus scales of Bolt Action or Age of Sigmar you have ideal small cover points and ways to narrow some fire lanes to get a better battle.

  • Hand made 5 piece desert terrain pieces
  • Hard wearing and tough to withstand loads of handling
  • Covers c.30 x 30cm approx when laid out
  • Textured, painted and ready to game out of the box.

As with all the Warpaint Figures terrain sets we have taken time to get this right for gamers and wargamers.

Combine with our Large Desert Pieces, Medium Desert Pieces, Desert Terrain Scatter Sets or our special Desert Statement pieces.

The Starter Set is perfect to get you going.

Great for Africa, Spanish Peninsula, Asia and more.  Sits well with  6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and heroic scales such as Games Workshop Age of Sigmar. 

Use for the battles of the Punic Wars or Colonial Skirmish. Or add to your Sharp Practice table. Perfect for North Africa for WW2.

So Rapid Fire, Chain of Command, Bolt Action, Sharp Practice all perfectly suit them.

All are hand made.  Size, shape, colour and finish may vary.


Each set is hand made and may differ in shape, size and form, colour and vegetation to those shown. You still get convincing hand made set of great desert/arid wargaming terrain pieces

Miniatures not included. Miniatures shown are  for scale purposes only.

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