Warpaint Figures 6mm Spring Flower Mix Tufts for Miniature Basing


6mm Spring Mix Flowers Static Grass Tufts

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To compliment our standard range of 2mm, 4mm and 6mm self-adhesive grass tufts we have our range of 6mm flower tufts. Like our 6mm Four Season, our flower mix packs give you a great choice of 4 colours by season:

  • 4 x 6mm colour flower tufts - White, Yellow, Orange & Red
  • 80-100 (approx.) random/wild tufts in 4 colours
  • Easy to apply - PEEL & STICK
  • Hard wearing - no foam flowers dropping off
  • Give a great finish to any painted miniature bases, dioramas, terrain or railway layouts
  • Available in Regular & Random/Wild tuft for natural finish if you prefer that
  • Transforms the way your railway set ups, wargames miniatures, dioramas and terrain looks
  • Good for variety of scales of wargames figures.
  • Great for Warhammer 40K, Age Of Sigmar Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Lord Of The Rings, Mordheim, Necromuda, War Machine, Wargames Foundry, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Warlord Games, Infamy and many more
  • Buy your regular 6mm Flower Mix packs at the same time

With Wargames Figures you know how many tufts you get unlike some others. The flowers are tough and hard wearing and will take a lot of handling


Perfect for the best look at minimum fuss and no mess. They peel easily off the backing sheet using a pair of tweezers and stick down straight away


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Why Chose Warpaint Figure Grass Tufts?

The Choice Of Commission Painters

These wargames commission painters chose and trust Warpaint Figures grass tufts and basing materials for their businesses

Little Ninja Painting

Cornish Mikey Painting

J & J Painting

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