WPF - 3D Printed 10mm SYW British Musketeers (Firing/Loading) - Warpaint Figures


10mm SYW British Musketeers (Firing/Loading)

Warpaint Figures

Wearing tricorns every pack of 10mm British Musketeers  has 40 figures in 10 x 4 man strips. The front rank is firing and rear rank is loading.

Each strip of 4 figures is c.25mm wide and 5mm deep. I use these on a 25mm square base for Osprey's Honours Of War rules. 5 bases to a battalion. But they can be used under any rules, such as Maurice or Black Powder. Plus flexible for 3 bases a battalion.

All our miniatures are 3D printed with Amera TGM-7 resin. This is the top resin for figures, being both strong and flexible. There is no other resin to touch it.

Each unit is printed to order and takes approximately 2-5 working days to ship.

They are beautifully designed by Henry Turner - his Patreon page is here - https://www.patreon.com/HenryTurner/

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