Warpaint Figures - 3D Printed 10mm SYW British Grenadiers (Marching)


10mm SYW British Grenadiers (Marching)

Warpaint Figures

Throughout the Seven Years War most military convention provided for stripping of Grenadier companies from line units such as musketeers and forming Converged Grenadier Battalions.

Every Pack of our 3D printed 10mm Austrian Grenadiers includes 10 x 4 man strips of grenadiers marching (40 figures). This includes 2 bases of command including musicians and officers, along with halberd. These converged Grenadiers battalions carry no colours.

Each strip of 4 figures is c.25mm wide and 5mm deep. I use these on a 25mm square base for Osprey's Honours Of War rules. 5 bases to a battalion. Obviously the pack also allows you to have 3 per battalion as well.

All our miniatures are 3D printed with Amera TGM-7 resin. This is the top resin for figures, being both strong and flexible. There is no other resin to touch it.

Each unit is printed to order and takes approximately 2-5 working days to ship.

They are beautifully designed by Henry Turner - his Patreon page is here

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