Warpaint Figures - HMS Royal Sovereign - 1/700th Napoleonic Ship


1/700th Royal Navy Ships

HMS Royal Sovereign - 1/700th 1st Rate Ship

Warpaint Figures

1/700th 3D printed miniature of the famous Royal Navy ship HMS Royal Sovereign. A 100 gun ship 1st Rate ship of the line

Built in Plymouth and launched in 1786. She was the flagship of Admiral Collingwood.

At Trafalgar she was the first ship in combat and took on the big 3 decked Santa Ana of the Spanish Navy.

3D printed under license in fabulous detail from designs by Henry Turner - https://www.turnerminiatures.co.uk/

Comes complete with set of detailed printed sails and open ports

Perfect for many rules including Black Seas, Kiss Me Hardy & Langton Fast Play


Made to order. Average shipping time 3-5 working days
Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires assembly and tools such as craft knife, pin vice and suitable glue for 3D resin.
Not suitable for children under 14 without supervision.
Supplied in grey resin. Some pictures may have undercoated and dry-brushed models to show detail of models.

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