Warpaint Figures -HMS COURAGEUX-3D Printed 1/700th Royal Navy 3rd Rate


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HMS COURAGEUX - 1/700th Royal Navy 3rd Rate

Warpaint Figures

HMS Courageux was a 74-gun, third-rate ship of the line of the Large Type (i.e. had 24lb long guns on the upper gundeck instead of 18 pounders)

She was built at the Deptford Royal Dockyard and designed by Sir John Henslow, Co-Surveyor of the Navy,

HMS Courageux was a one-off build of this particular design.

She was named after the ex-French 74-gun ship of the same name, originally captured by HMS Bellona in 1761 and which went on in the Royal Navy before wrecked with off Morocco in 1796. Of course you can use her as this as well. Plus if doing earlier battles as the French ship herself.

3D printed by us from original designs by Turner Miniatures, using the best resins for strength, toughness, flexibility and durability for gaming.

Come complete with set of sails and open ports

Perfect for many rules including Black Seas, Kiss Me Hardy & Langton Fast Play

Designed by Turner Miniatures and printed under License.


Made to order. Average shipping time 3-5 working days
Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires assembly and tools such as craft knife, pin vice and suitable glue for 3D resin.
Not suitable for children under 14 without supervision
Supplied in grey resin. Some pictures may have undercoated and dry-brushed models to show detail of models.

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