The Rise Of Rome – The Army Assembles - Warpaint Figures


The Rise Of Rome – The Army Assembles

March 21, 2013

The Rise Of Rome – The Army Assembles

You know I was genuinely surprised last week.  It wasn’t raining or blowing a gale in our back garden last weekend in Wales. The boy was enjoying himself not nailing the cat to the floor with his new DIY toolkit toy so I grabbed my opportunity. I finished prepping and undercoating all of my Aventine Republican Romans. I was well chuffed. Here they all are in their glory.

28mm Republican Roman Legion - Aventine Miniatures 

They look impressive.  I am going to do one fighting line at a time, starting with the hastati and the dipping technique, brush applied like my test figure.  So thats 24 figures in small units of 8 for Hail Caesar.  each one has a command group.  Its going to be mass painting so all 24 skin tones then all 24 tunics etc.  I will mix up the colours for the tunics to give a less uniform approach.  This I think will look more natural for the guys supplying their own kit

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