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The Rise Of Rome – New Beginings & Old Friends

March 15, 2013

The Rise Of Rome – New Beginings & Old Friends

This is the the first post for one of my army projects and also one of my painting targets I set out. 

Building a Republican Roman Army

I love Republican Romans and always have since way back when.  I used to have a 15mm army a long time ago.  Unfortunately the only real rules were 7th Edition Ancients and DBA/DBM.  After being subject to too many rulesmiths and spawny armies I gave up.  nowdays I am lucky enough to game with great guys who like a historical balance.  I have used WAB but the complete lack of control and command mechanisms does open it up to telepathic abuse though.  But now being inspired by Hail Caesar has put me back on the Roman warpath again, but in 28mm. I picked a copy up at this year’s Crusade.

I did dabble about 5-6 years ago and bought myself a few Companian and Newline figures. Now sadly neither of them make them any more (Companian having moved on altogether).  the Companian figures are quite large though.  But I will use these as the basis and inspiration for more.  This army is number one priority.

Current Figures:

As you can see the Newline figures are better and but have a wierd set up with the Triarii spears.  Can’t remember why I bought them like that?  I have 3 Newline Roman units of 8 in total so I might use them for Principes and Companian for the Hastati.  I envisage a set like this with 8 figure units classed as small units by HC. This way I can always combine up for other rules and have a more robust 16 figures a unit/line

So my Aventuine figures arrived in the post and they are lovely.  You can see the review here. On with the prepping and painting