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First Painted Aventine Hastati Done At last

March 24, 2017

First Painted Aventine Hastati Done At last

28mm Painted Aventine Republican Roman Wargames MiniaturesWell it’s been a long time coming but my 1st legion Republican Roman Army Hastati are finished. They are painted Aventine Figures which are fabulous figures (See the review here). All in all these Republican Roman miniatures haven’t taken that long in total. It was just stringing together all those short sessions to finally complete them

Figure Painting Technique Used

Hand painted Aventine Hastai ShieldThey are done using a brushed on ‘dip’ technique a la Dr Hendry. But I am not using one of the commercial expensive dips such as the Army Painter Quick Shade. I have concocted my own from Pound Shop water soluble wood stain, water and flow enhancer. All in all I am pleased with the result this technique and the overall time saved on rank and file.

Legion Structure

They are based up ready in small units for Hail Caesar of 8 figures. But the great thing is because I have singles in there as well I can adopt larger units for other systems guys down at PDWS use.

This legion being the first is 50% stronger as well. Each 8 figure small unit of these painted Aventine Hastati also has its own movement tray lined with magnetic paper with metal paper under the bases. So they are 3 x 8/3 x 8/1 x 12 structure to the legion.

I am also dead pleased with the way the hand painted round shield came out. All the other shield are transfers from Little Big Man I am already a good way through the first 8 velites to accompany them and made a start putting the base colours on the 1st legion Principes.

Full Gallery of these 28mm Republican Roman Hastati below


Painted 28mm 1st Legion Republican Roman Hastati

3 small units suitable for Hail Caesar of painted Aventine figures for my 1st Legion Hastati. Complete with movement trays.

28mm republican Roman painted miniatures