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Fallshirmjagers Begin – Part 1

November 25, 2013

Fallshirmjagers Begin – Part 1

Starting A Fallschirmjagers Bolt Action Force

I have had some old Crusader and Artisan Fallschirmjager figures for some time. But earlier this year I aquired by swap 2 boxes of the Warlord Games Fallscirmjagers together with a Pak40 and sustained fire MG40.

First thing is to tidy them up and start painting. I’ll be trying to paint as many up as possible for our Penarth Wargames Club Christmas game on 7th December. Obviously not a lot of time so I will be doing the Pak40 and support weapons first. It will be close

I think I will look at doing a selection of camoflage designs that were issued so they can do for anywhere from Italy 1944 onwards

Prepping Up Fallschirmjagers

Fallschirmjager Pak40:

I do love the Pak40. Beautiful weapon and perfect tank killer! Oh and damn fiddly to get together right. But after a few attempts much creative language and patience I did it. I haven’t done a base yet but will do figures and gun first and just allow space for placement.

I will be painting the gun in two halves and sticking together afterwards as I think that is going to be the easiest way. The crew are on 2 pence pieces for now. I haven’t decided if they will remain on those or something smaller yet. But it gives me something to hold onto when painting

Sustained Fire MG42

28mm fallschirmjager MMG preparation and basingI want to be able to remove crew as casuaties if I can. Not that I am planning on getting these elites killed at all…I hope! So basing them on a combination of 5p and 1p pieces I marked out the base and built the basing around them. The MMG will be part of the base as will be the forth member the NCO.

It went pretty well. I will have to clean up a bit on the base after to ensure they fit nicely but I am happy. I have done a corresponding coin with just plain base to fill in when the crew member is dead


 Warlord Games Fallschirmjager Sustained Fire MMG in place and preppedConverted Fallschirmjager MMG from Warlord Games With crew fillers

Fallschirmjager MMG Crew












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