40mm AWI British Artillery (Commission) - Warpaint Figures


40mm AWI British Artillery (Commission)

October 21, 2015

40mm AWI British Artillery (Commission)

The next installment in the ongoing 40mm AWI commission.  This time Front Rank 40mm AWI British Artillery.  The blue tinge in the grey unfortunately hasn’t come out as well in the photographs as I had hoped..

Commission by Warpaint Figures - 40mm AWI Front Rank British Artillery

Painted 40mm AWI Front Rank British Artillery crew - Warpaint Figures

I did have some debate over the turnbacks as looking around both on painted miniatures as well as re-enactors.You see both a mixture of the earlier red turnbacks as well as the later white ones.  That goes for the black/white pouch as well.  In the end I decided to stick to my reference source of British Army Uniforms from 1751 to 1783 (Including the Seven Years’ War and The American War Of Independence” by Carl Franklin

Again thank you to PDWS for lending me there terrain to get some ‘in action’ shots of the final 40mm AWI British Artillery

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