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OOP 1994 WFG AOS Vlad Von Carnstein - Vampire Counts

Games Workshop

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Classic Oldhammer 1994 Warhammer Fantasy Battle Undead Vampire Counts miniature of Vlad Von Carstein

The first production of the special Vampire Counts vampire lords. First produced in 1994 for Warhammer Fantasy Battle Vampire Counts army. Beautifully sculpted in metal. This miniature is a classic of it's time and is now long out of production

Of course with Games Workshop shelving WFG it can also be used for Age Of Sigmar (AOS) forces, where it will fit in perfectly

A chance to own a piece of gaming history and to add a touch of classic class. Sort of a new gaming shabby chic

This miniature is pre-owned/used and has been stripped down to the metal


May contain lead.  Not suitable for children under 12 unsupervised

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