Warpaint Figures - Hand Made Large Area Terrain For Wargames


Large Area Terrain c.14" x 8" (Summer) #1

Warpaint Figures

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If you need great terrain fast for your wargames table our Large Area Terrain pieces are perfect.  Made to high quality and to be tough and durable for wargamer handling. 

  • Our Large Area Summer/Spring mixed Terrain piece is approximately 14" x 8" (c.35 x 19cm).
  • Made on 3mm MDF bevelled for durability on the tabletop and in storage
  • Finished with mixed Summer/Spring static grass mix of 2mm and 4mm
  • Sealed comprehensively 3 times during our process as a minimum
  • Static grass added of various lengths and season for the perfect natural finish.
  • Easy to identify for all sides in a game.

Great for 28mm and down to 6mm.  Personally I have used for 15mmm Ancients, 10mm Fantasy, 28mm Fantasy, 25mm ACW and 6mm WW2.. They work really well for skirmish or colonial games



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