Warpaint Figures - Hand Made Rough Summer Area Terrain For Wargames


Medium Area Terrain

Medium Rough Area Terrain # 2

Warpaint Figures

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  • Medium Area Rough Terrain approximately 8" x 6" (c.20 x 15cm).
  • Contoured for natural realistic look
  • Made on 3mm MDF with bevelled edges to blend in and make using miniatures easy
  • Sealed comprehensively 3 times during our process as a minimum
  • Static grass from 2-6mm for true look of grass - Summer colour used
  • The small areas of small grit stones show it is a rough area.  Easy to identify for all sides in a game.

Great for 28mm and down to 6mm.  Personally I have used for 15mmm Ancients, 10mm Fantasy, 28mm Fantasy, 25mm ACW and 6mm WW2.. Equally at home as scenery and terrain for games like Warhammer 40K, Age Of Sigmar, Warcry and Kings of War 

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