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SAVE 15% - 4mm Big Bundle Static Grass Tufts Standard

Warpaint Figures

Here is your chance to save 15% on our popular 4mm self adhesive static grass tufts. You get 4 full sheets of grass tufts in the Big Bundle. 480 tufts at a great price

Pick your combination from the list below including 4 Seasons, All of One and Half & Half.  If you want a combination not listed here contact me and I will put it together for you

Normal Price = £19.00 (£4.75 x 4)
Big Bundle Price = £16.15
You Save £2.85- 15%!

Like all Warpaint Figures self adhesive static grass tufts, they are supplied in a handy snap close blister pack. This makes them easy to store and each pack is labelled with contents so they don't get mixed up.  Blisters are stackable and recyclable as well.

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