Warpaint Figures - 3D Printed 10mm SYW Austrian Fusiliers (Marching)


10mm Seven Years War

10mm SYW Austrian Fusiliers (Marching)

Warpaint Figures

The backbone of the Austrian army.  Fusilier companies of the infantry regiments.

Represent those stripped of Grenadiers.

Wearing tricorns every pack of 10mm Austrian Fusiliers  has 40 figures in 10 x 4 man strips.

Each strip of 4 figures is c.25mm wide and 5mm deep. I use these on a 25mm square base for Osprey's Honours Of War rules. 5 bases to a battalion. But they can be used under any rules, such as Maurice or Black Powder.

All our miniatures are 3D printed with Amera TGM-7 resin. This is the top resin for figures, being both strong and flexible. There is no other resin to touch it.

Each unit is printed to order and takes approximately 2-5 working days to ship.

They are beautifully designed by Henry Turner - his Patreon page is here - https://www.patreon.com/HenryTurner/

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