BNIB OOP Vargas Metatron


Very rare origial Rackham Alchemists of Dirz character - Vargas Metatron. Still in the original blister this is a piece of wargaming and fantasy gaming history.

Rackham produced some of the the finest sculpted miniatures for their Confrontation game system. Based in France they eventually went bust but this is your chance to pick up a classic.

"In the desert of Syharhalna rise the dark Ziggurats of the Alchemists of Dirz. Here is the realm of the felon that renounced Merin, of the heretic that ridiculed the divine commandments and who, in his incredible arrogance, claimed to have become an equal to the gods. Fleeing the holy Inquisition, he and his faithful found refuge in this hostile place, where all forms of life seemed impossible. But the life that was created here proved itself even more hostile".

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