OOP 1999 WFB Dark Elfs or AOS Darkling Black Guard Command - Warpaint Figures


OOP 1999 Dark Elfs Black Guard Command

Games Workshop

From the 3rd generation Darf Elves designed and produced by Games Workshop/Citadel.  These were a great improvementon some of the previous incarnations of Dark Elf or Druchii miniatures.  More lithe, angular and thoroughly nasty looking. Inhabiting Naggarond, the Tower of Cold, Dark Elf capital and seat of the Witch King.  They are the personal bodyguard and loyal utterly to the last elf.

Rightly feared feared as steely eyed, resolute and without mercy. They dispatch all enemies of the Hag and Witch King. In battle they are tough, disciplined and can go through other units like a hot knife through butter.

So here at Warpaint Figures we regularly keep an eye out for authentic and genuine Dark Elf miniatures and figures.  Dark Elves are my personal favourite Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army. Of course they are also available for Age Of Sigmar.

Grab a Dark Elf Black Guard Drummer and Champion to build your killing unit for your Dark Elves or AOS Darkling Coven force. A great addition if you have bought the GW current plastic boxed set which only makes 10 Darkling ExecutionersBlack Guard. Use these characterful classic OOP metal miniatures instead and boost yourself to 12.


Require assembly.  Not suitable for children under 14


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