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BNIB OOP Rackham Confrontation Sylann Khidarym Champion (Cynwall Elves)


Another excellent sculpt from Rackham for their defunct Confrontation system.

Cynwall Elves

"The Cynwalls have chosen to engage themselves on the side of Light in the conflicts of the Rag'narok. If he finds the perfect balance between body and soul, a selsm can confront and defeat a whole horde of enemies.

The arrival of Slann and the Khidarms didnt go unnoticed in the fortress of Kaer. Everyone had heard of the feats of this army corps devoted to the protection of the Guide, the supreme leader of the Republic of Lanever. Kro, the Cynwl war chief at Kaer, could sense Slanns incredible aura when the latter introduced himself to him. For a long moment he endured his gaze, which was as cold and hard as the steel of a cannon. What has earned us the honor of your visit? he asked. I have come to spread Light.

Point for point, the best Cynwall warrior hero available. He is both a formidable fighter, able to slug it out with the best of them, and a formidable commander, possessing the highest discipline of any Cynwall hero: excellent courage and Leadership. Like all Khidaryms, he possesses helianthic weapons and armor

Metal figure before Rackham decided to kill it and themselves with horrible pre-painted plastics.

New BNIB (Figure supplied unpainted) complete with all game cards


This miniature requires assembly. It has small parts and is not suitable for children under 14.
Small parts choking hazard.
May contain lead or toxic metals. Not suitable for children under 14

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