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Rare 1986 GW/Citadel WFB AOS C23 Mutant Ogre

Games Workshop

Well what can I say. This is one of the rarest Games Workshop miniatures out there. Released back in 1986 and sculpted by Jes Goodwin. I remember this coming out and thinking it was such a cool miniature.  I went out and bought it the day after seeing it in White Dwarf.

It was before the days when the sculptors and business heads were coordinated (AKA - The Good Old Days).  See the problem is those fabulous spines on its back. the only way they could get it out of the mould was to actually break the mould apart and destroying it. So it became too expensive to carry on making.  It was very quickly discontinued.

This means there are not a lot out there. This is a fantastic chance to own an extremely rare Citadel miniature. I only have this one so be quick.  They are extremely rare.  this one has been stripped and is in good condition.

You can see the catalogue page in the images here reproduced all rights reserved from Stuff Of Legends - link here

Condition as per pictures


May contain lead or toxic metals.  Not suitable for children under 14

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