RARE BNIB Kelt Drunes Minotaur
RARE BNIB Kelt Drunes Minotaur
RARE BNIB Kelt Drunes Minotaur

RARE BNIB Kelt Drunes Minotaur

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Another excellent sculpt from Rackham for their defunct Confrontation system. Metal BNIB. A serious chunk of classic and beautifully sculpted goodness.

Kelts Of Drune

To the northeast of the plains of Avagddu, at the heart of the forest of Caer Maed, lives a clan that is feared by all.

A very long time ago all Kelts were united. Alas, Cernunnos, the High King of Kel-An-Tiraidh, one day became the victim of divine machinations and left for other horizons. His people split in two: those who wished for peace remained faithful to Danu and became the Sessairs. The others shunned the names of the gods and also left in search of the only true king of the human tribes. Thus was born the terrifying clan of the Drunes.

Having found refuge in their troglodytic city of Drun Aeryfh, the Drunes have an unfailing determination. They will know neither rest nor hope as long as they havent found Cernunnos again and havent drowned the gods in the blood of their hounds.

The Kelts of the Drune clan are allied with the living-dead of Acheron, the dwarves of Mid-Nor and the Devourers of Vile-Tis.

Drune Minotaur:

The best and ugliest Minotaur in Confrontation and the Drunes most formidable unit. The Drune Minotaur can get an amazing four attack dice against a single opponent with Brutish Charge and War Fury. While it is dishing out the pain its resilience of 10 and the Fierce ability makes sure it stays in the fight. Not quite a top four unit because of its cost but it gets honorable mention and I recommend fielding it whenever you can.

Miniature is supplied sealed in blister pack and unpainted.  Picture of painted miniature is for illustration purposes only

 Metal figure before Rackham decided to kill it and themselves with horrible pre-painted plastics. New BNIB (Figure supplied unpainted) complete with all game cards

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