Save 10% on Wargaming Cornfield & Long Grass Scatter Terrain Sets - Warpaint Figures


Corn Fields/Long Grass Scatter Terrain - Set 1

Warpaint Figures

Scatter terrain is perfect for filling gaps on your wargaming table.  Or for making your wargaming terrain stretch further for less.

Our custom scatter terrain sets fill those gaps

8 pieces of our round based Cornfield/Long Grass scatter terrain are in this great set.

1 x large
2 x medium
5 x small

Hand crafted all individual this set will easily cover about 10cm x 10cm and can be stretched to about 15cm x 15cm. 

Great for Vietnam, American Civil War, American War Of Independence amongst other wargames and theatres.

Figures pictured are 25mm Dixon ACW miniatures.


Figures not included. Actual set may differ from those pictured as they are all individually made.

Supplied painted and sealed

You save £1.00 (10%)

Sets are all hand made and may differ from each other and the pictures shown. Any figures are NOT included.  All pieces are supplied constructed and painted.  Foliage may vary from pictures.
If we are out of stock new sets will be dispatched in approximately 5-7 working days

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