Medium Rough Area Terrain c.10" x 5"

Warpaint Figures

If you need great terrain fast for your wargames table our medium area rough ground terrain pieces are perfect.  Made to high quality and to be tough and durable for wargamer handling. All are individual and come in Spring or Summer for temperate climates and also an arid version with dead grass static grass applied.

  • Our Medium Area Rough Terrain is approximately 10" x 5" (c.24 x 12cm).
  • Made on 3mm MDF with bvelled edges to blend in.
  • Sealed comprehensively 3 times during our process as a minimum
  • Flock and static grass added of various lengths and season for the perfect finish.
  • The small areas of small grit stones show it is a rough area.  Easy to identify for all sides in a game.
I have used these at Penarth & District Wargames Society in loads of games.

Great for 28mm and down to 6mm.  Personally I have used for 15mmm Ancients, 10mm Fantasy, 28mm Fantasy, 25mm ACW and 6mm WW2..

Figures pictured not included (15mm Republican Romans, GW High Elves & 25mm Dixon Miniatures ACW)

Individuals pieces may vary in colour and consitency as they are all hand made.  Orders take approximatel 5-7 working days to dispatch if no stock left.


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