Rare & Classic

Rare 1989 Rogue Trader Terminator Marine

Games Workshop

This is your chanc e to get your hands a real piece of Citadel/Games Workshop history. An OOP 1989 410611 Rogue Trader Terminator Marines.  Originally designed and sculpted by the ever talented Jes Goodwin and Bob Naismith. Three designs were produced.  This is one of those.

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The miniature has been stripped and is in very good condition nindeed.  The arms are still glued on.  I have left them as I didn't want to force them off.  Models from this era have a higher content of lead and bend easier. But a bit of nail polish remover should free them up.

Grab this rarity whilst you can

Due to possibility of lead in the miniature not recommended for children under 12

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