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Basing Bags For Wargaming Miniatures

Warpaint Figures

Bags of fine basing sand, gravel as well as slate pieces and chipppings.  The perfect way to simply and easily base all your wargames miniatures and figures historical, Warhammer and others.

The simplest way to tie your wargames figures, scenery, terrain, model and miniatures bases, railway tables or models together.  Apply with PVA adhesive and paint to whatever terrain you wish - desert, plains or European.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Dwarf using Warpaint Figures Slate Pieces

Great way to simply and creatively creatively base your figures & models to improve their finish.

Used well it will create a stunning army for games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40000 (40K), Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warmachine, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Warmachine, Malifaux and many more in all scales - 6mm (1/300th), 10mm, 15mm, 20mm (1/72), 25mm, 28mm, 40mm and more


All basing products are sold by the bag and not weight. For information purposes each bag is around 80g.  Any weights quoted represents for illustration purposes only & may vary due to circumstances.  All images are representations of products only.  Some products may differ in component size or colour.  We reserve the right to substitute any product for a similar one in function or value

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